Wonderland is a program developed by The Others that actually taps into the human mind. It creates a map of the human brain which essentially is that it downloads the memory and life of the person plugged into it. At Camp Haven, every new child is put through Wonderland to see, allegedly, if they are infected by the Others and are being controlled by them. In reality, Wonderland was being used to see if the child was best suited to be a soldier, or put into the Execution room to be terminated immediately. This way they could avoid enlisting anyone that would cause problems to be used as the 5th Wave.

It could also be used as a method of torture. Ringer had been placed in Wonderland where she was forced to relieve a painful moment of her life as well as go through mental trauma by being placed in horrific psychological simulations.

However, it is shown that Wonderland can be tricked or beaten. This was evidenced by Ben Parish wanting to be drugged so that he could fool Wonderland so as not reveal that he knew that Vosch and the other soldiers were really Others. It was also shown when Evan Walker showed Cassie Sullivan how to mentally throw Wonderland off.

Wonderland also stores a copy of every consciousness of a person that is ever plugged into it. When Cassie Sullivan plugged herself in she was able to absorb the memories and feelings of every person in Camp Haven into herself. Vosch was able to use Wonderland to take Evan's memories of his life and leave him as an empty shell that only knew how to fight and kill. It could also be used to give a person specific memories and consciousness of anyone they choose. This was done when Ben Parish and Ringer used it to restore all of Evan Walker's memories and experiences back into himself.


  • It is interesting to note that the program is similar to Legilimency, a form of magic in Harry Potter series which is used to view into a person's mind; the differences are Wonderland is a technology to view memories without any possessive or invasive means, and there is no way to counter or shield the mind or memory against the program.