Tank is a survivor of the waves and was brought to Camp Haven where he became a member of Squad 53.

He has been described as the squad's quick-tempered farmboy. He was one of the more rough and unpleasant people at the camp and shares some animosity with Ben Parish/Zombie. He had lost his mind or 'gone Dorothy' and was promptly killed. He is the first of Squad 53 to die.

The 5th Wave

When Sam was brought into the squad, Tank, along with Flintstone, went out of their way to verbally tease him as well as Ben for how close the two of them were. Tank became mad at Ben for ruining their times in their drills because he went back to help Nugget and says that he should've left him behind. He and Zombie were often at odds and he threatened to spill the beans about Nugget going to Ben's bed at night to pray. However he never did and Ben believed it was because he actually looked forward to their nightly prayers. Tank had suddenly 'lost' it when talk of the Others came up and he ranted about how The Others had to know where they were and what they were doing. He argued that they already were as good as dead because they couldn't fight them. Flintstone had to grab Tank when he pulled out his gun in the midst of his rant. He was later found dead in the P & D level by the squad. 

He was later replaced by Ringer.

The Last Star

When Cassie Sullivan plugged into Wonderland, she absorbed the consciousness and memories of everyone that had been tapped into it including Tank's.


In the film adaptation, Tank made uncredited appearances during Squad 53's training montages and in deleted scenes.