A bunch of candy-assed names for a bunch of candy-assed recruits.


Squad 19 is one of the squads of child soldiers of Camp Haven. This was the squad that Ringer originally belonged to before she was transferred to Squad 53. Squad 19 is one of the elite squads of the Camp and is completely loyal to Vosch. Each one of them has the letters VQP carved into their arms. They are led by a boy named Milk who is described as looking like he was just under the age of 20.

They were sent on a mission by Vosch to where Squad 53 had been based and tried to bring them in but met their ends fighting against them, ironically with their former member Ringer bringing them down to the last of them.

The 5th Wave

Squad 19 was high on Camp Haven's board, especially with Ringer being their top marksman. After Tank from Squad 53 had gone Dorothy, she was pulled out of 19 and sent to 53. However, Squad 19 retained their high position as one of the best squads of the camp. When Camp Haven was destroyed by Evan Walker Squad 19 was evacuated with the rest of the personnel to their new base to the north.

The Last Star

After Razor's death, Milk had found his body which hardened him to keep fighting against the Infesteds. After that, Milk had convinced the squad to carve the letter VQP on their arms. It stood for Vincit Qui Patitur which meant He conquers who endures. They did that as a way to honor their fallen.

When Vosch saw that sending Ringer and Constance to retrieve Evan Walker hadn't worked, he sent choppers with men to attack and retrieve him. The squad of 5th wavers he sent was Squad 19. They surveyed the hideout through their eyepieces and saw as Evan Walker was picked up by one of their choppers. They then moved in to eliminate the rest of Squad 53 but were then taken out one by one by Ringer. Milk was the last one to fall.

Ringer wanted to bury Squad 19 and not leave them to just rot out in the open.

When Cassie Sullivan plugged herself into Wonderland, she absorbed the consciousness and memories of the members of Squad 19 into herself.


Squad 19 is made of young recruits to be part of the 5th Wave. Their loyalties are to Vosch and they seem to be unaware of the truth behind Camp Haven. All of them, save for Ringer, are now deceased.

  • Kyle/Milk - Squad Leader (shot by Ringer)
  • Ryan/Pix
  • Jeremy/Swizz
  • Luis/Gummy
  • Emily/Snickers
  • Marika/Ringer - Transferred to Squad 53

Facts and Trivia

The way that Ringer defeated Squad 19 is reminiscent to Evan Walker when he defeated those 5th Wave soldiers. Squad 19 also had a chapter devoted to themselves with Milk serving as its narrator in The Last Star.