Dr. Pam is a Silencer who was in service to Vosch over at Camp Haven. She served as a doctor there that would monitor all the new arrivals into the camp and give them their trackers after checking their health. She met her end when Cassie infiltrated the base to find her brother and placed her tracker in her nose and she ended up frying herself.

The 5th Wave

When Ben Parish was first brought in to Camp Haven, he was looked over by Dr. Pam to see if he was fully recovered from the 3rd Wave. She also looked over Sam Sullivan when he first arrived.

When Cassie Sullivan came in to rescue her brother, she was looked over by Dr. Pam and she quickly moved to knock Dr. Pam out after she had put a tracker in her. Cassie quickly moved to place the tracker in her nose before she tried using the Camp's database to try and find Sam. Dr. Pam came to and went to activate the kill function in the tracker unaware that it was in her own nose and shocked herself dead.

Facts and Trivia

In a deleted scene in the film adaptation, Dr. Pam makes a brief appearance when Ben Parish is brought in but most of her role is played by Reznik. Her fate is also replaced by Reznik who is attacked by Cassie much like she was. In a deleted scene, Reznik gets her brain fried in the same manner that Dr. Pam did.