Crisco was a young boy who lived in Camp Ashpit following the third wave. He was attracted to Cassie and tried to impress her to no avail. He was killed when Vosch and his soldiers came to the camp.


The 5th Wave

When Cassie, Oliver and Sammy arrived in Camp Ashpit, Cassie described meeting a greasy-haired "creep" who spent most of his time in the Ashpit, scourging for jewelry off dead corpses.

Upon meeting Crisco, Cassie, and along with all of the other adolescent members of Camp Ashpit, was repulsed by his tendencies and lack of hygiene (Cassie had expressed that personal hygiene was an important detail to her). Crisco had an instant love interest in Cassie and, despite his younger age, constantly brought up sex and kissing in their conversations. Crisco showed his love for Cassie by getting jewellery off the dead corpses.

Crisco followed Cassie into the woods near the Ashpit one night and started to talk to her about having sex. Cassie hit him in the nose and blood gushed out, pouring down his throat. Crisco described that Cassie would have agreed to the sex if he was "hotter," and Cassie tones down her harshness. The last thing that Crisco said to Cassie that night was, "You wouldn't have hit me if you weren't [a virgin]."

Upon seeing a drone in the sky the following morning, Crisco gives Cassie a diamond pendant necklace, which Cassie describes as "body booty." Later that day, after the children had gone onto the school buses with the Wright-Patterson officers and Commander Vosch had ordered the remaining members of Camp Ashpit to go into the barracks, Cassie notices that Crisco isn't there. Vosch ordered a Silencer (Branch) to go with Cassie to find Crisco, with the two men conversing, "First Priority." When Crisco is found in the Ashpit, Branch asked if "he was the one." When Cassie said yes, Branch snapped Crisco's neck and effectively killed him. 


Crisco was described as having "greasy" hair and being unhygienic. Cassie says that he is shorter than her but is 20 pounds heavier than her.