Constance was the name of a Silencer that worked alongside Vosch at Camp Haven II. She was made to go with Ringer in order to get close to Squad 53 and capture Evan Walker. She was able to infiltrate the squad and made an attempt to get Evan Walker but she was stopped and killed by Sam Sullivan.

The Last Star

When Ringer was re-captured and brought before Vosch, he told Ringer that she would be returning to her squad along with Constance. Ringer would be Constance's way into the safehouse giving her direct access to Evan Walker and bring him back to Vosch. Constance traveled with Ringer back to the city where the Walker Hotel was to try and reconnect with her squad members in order to make it look like she had stumbled upon Constance and invited her along from her mission to explore the caves outside the city.