The Cat Lady was an old woman that Ben Parish had run into when he entered Urbana. He and Dumbo had tried to find Ringer and Teacup when they were pinned down by gunfire. Dumbo had been shot and Ben had tracked the source to a building where he found this woman. She had cats with her as well as canned food. Ben found it a little hard to believe that this woman could be the one shooting at them until he noticed the gun the woman was concealing. He learned that she was indeed a Silencer who had been eating stew that she made with the meat from her cats. Ben ultimately gunned her down before she could shoot him.

Facts and Trivia

Ben meeting with the Cat Lady is very similar to when Cassie stumbled onto the Crucifix Soldier. Even Ben thought of Cassie's encounter and how it looked like the lady was concealing something like the soldier had. However, the difference was that the Cat Lady did indeed have a weapon hidden and was a Silencer.