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I am the one not running, not staying, but facing. Because if I am the last one, then I am humanity. And if this is humanity's last war, then I am the battlefield.

–Cassie Sullivan

The 5th Wave NA

Cassie Sullivan - Cassie Sullivan is a survivor of the 5 waves that have been sent down by the "Others" to wipe out humanity. She has gone through some difficult times, but has still kept going, she and her brother are the last of there family and must keep fighting to there fullest potential.

Cassie meets a man named Evan Walker after being shot by an "other" which is him. Not realizing this, Cassie stays in Evan's house to rest for a while and get better. The first three waves have already started and she is trying to fight against the Others the best she can. She is starting to developer feelings for Evan, as they become friends Cassie tells him about the quest she needs to complete to get back here brother, but after Cassie finds out Evan is an other she tries to escape him.

Cassie successfully goes to Camp Wright Peterson, a military base, and rescues Sammy with the help Sammy's bunk buddies, she also meets an old crush from high school Ben Parish. She has found out the others are the military and her friends try to stop them. Evan sets bombs below the surface of Wright Peterson and blows them up before everyone besides the others are safely out.  

The "Others" fly away with a plane while Cassie and her friends have successfully saved humanity.  

Physical Appearance

Cassie is described as having blonde hair. She is about 5,3 and is white.


Cassie was given her name by her father on a trip he took to a planetarium as a kid. He saw the contemplation Cassiopeia and became in love with the name so he named it after her daughter account of a field trip he took to a planetarium he took as a kid. He saw the constellation Cassiopeia and became drawn to it and so named his daughter after it fifteen years later.

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